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Home Design Magazine with a Nod to All Things Vintage

Amelia’s Retro Vogue is an online magazine that welcomes readers who love to decorate their homes with vintage and antiques. We feature articles about period interior and exterior styles, home design trends, renovations and remodels and interior design. We also publish tips and guides on home makeovers. 

From time to time, we publish “Show and Tell” articles where we feature the favorite vintage items and antiques of our valued readers. We want to inspire people to look at vintage home décor as something that will add charm to an interior.

Couple Painting A Wall

Why We Love Vintage Home Interior

We believe that decorations and other elements that make a space vintage can give your home another dimension. Using antique items, for instance, can add texture, contrast and even personality to a room, especially when mixed with modern pieces. 

Combining modern décor with antiques also lets you highlight differences in your décor, making your home more visually appealing.

We also think that vintage stuff is timeless. It never goes out of style. You can expect that antique grandfather’s clock to stay classy until eternity. This means that you won’t feel the urge to sell your vintage stuff because they can complement other decorative elements in your home. 

Read and bookmark our online magazine today and use our tips to add flair to your living space. 

Our Authors

Amelia Stevenson

Amelia loves collecting vintage furniture and décor. She prefers items dating from the 1800s to the mid-1900s but she is open to other types of décor if it matches her style or the look of a particular space. When she’s not working, she whips up delicious desserts and gives them to her colleagues at work.

Paige Brown

Paige has been a home interior designer for more than 10 years. She believes that there’s always a place for antique stuff in a home. During her free time, she spends it playing tennis with her high school friends.

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