7 Home Improvement Projects Worth the Cost in 2024

Home improvement projects are always worth pursuing, but their price tags often get in the way. Many homeowners have a hard time justifying those projects, knowing the impact they will have on their budgets. Still, making short-term sacrifices for certain projects is recommended because of their benefits. Aside from improving your family’s quality of life, these projects can also positively affect property value. Learn more about the household projects well worth their respective price tags by continuing below!

1. Kitchen Remodeling

The first home improvement project we want to highlight in this article is kitchen renovation. There’s a good chance it’s also the first project you thought of while coming up with ways to improve your household significantly. Numerous benefits come from renovating your kitchen.

You can renovate your kitchen and create a more comfortable working space. Making your kitchen more comfortable can reignite your passion for cooking and allow you to save on daily meals. Other upgrades added via remodeling can create a safer and more beautiful kitchen environment.

The expected ROI for a kitchen remodel is also a strong argument for it. According to Ramsey Solutions, the ROI for a major kitchen remodel is 54%. Opting for smaller renovations is still worth it because they are expected to yield a return of 81%.

So, how should you go about transforming your kitchen? If you’re sticking to minor renovations, you should focus on kitchen cabinets. Repaint your kitchen cabinets and change the hardware to turn them into more useful and eye-catching elements of that space. With a bigger budget, you can hire a kitchen cabinet designer and make those fixtures the focal points of the revamped space.

You should also consider changing your floor tiles. Anti-slip floor tiles are ideal for kitchen installation because they prevent potential accidents. New outlets may allow you to use a wider array of kitchen gadgets. Strategically positioned ventilation fixtures can also keep your kitchen comfortable, no matter when you’re working.

Updating your kitchen layout can also make a massive difference. Open up your kitchen to turn it into a hybrid cooking and entertaining space. You can also remove kitchen islands if you need more room.

2. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t get talked about enough as a home improvement project that can significantly change your family’s quality of life. Consider how it can improve your living situation, and you’ll wonder why you went so long without renovating your bathroom. The benefits of that project also promise to yield short and long-term benefits.

First off, remodeling your bathroom means turning it into a more luxurious space. You can add features you’ve always wanted, such as a walk-in bathtub or a sauna. After getting in touch with a local cabinet company, you can also put a gorgeous centerpiece in your bathroom that doubles as a storage unit. All those additions can turn your revamped bathroom into an object of envy for your guests.

More practical upgrades can allow you to save money on your monthly bills. Add windows and other natural lighting elements to your bathroom to reduce your electricity usage. Low-flow fixtures will also allow your household to reduce water waste. You can get low-flow faucets and toilets to bolster your home’s conservation capabilities.

Hiring an experienced bathroom remodeler is a good idea if you’re looking for other ways to improve that part of your home. They can evaluate your bathroom layout and recommend potential changes that can turn it into a more comfortable or versatile environment. Your contractor can also handle the demolition and installation tasks to ensure the remodeling is executed correctly.

Expect your bathroom remodel to yield a hefty return. According to Modernize, a midrange bathroom remodel can deliver an ROI of 64%. You can also expect an ROI of 57% if you move forward with an upscale bathroom remodeling project.

3. New Roof Installation

Roof replacement is next up on the list of home improvement projects for you to consider. Installing a new roof is one of the best ways to increase property value. According to roofing material manufacturer IKO, the expected ROI for roof installation projects ranges from 68% to 109%. The profit potential of roof replacement is undeniable, and it’s well worth pursuing whether you intend to stay in your home or eventually sell it.

Of course, you don’t want to replace your roof without reason. Before discussing replacement plans with your roofing contractor, you should pay for a thorough inspection. The inspection may reveal that some timely roofing repairs can still impact your property value.

If the inspection reveals that roof replacement is the smarter course of action, you should start looking at your material options. Popular roofing materials include asphalt, metal, and slate. No one material option stands out as the best choice, but there may be an ideal fit for your home improvement project.

Asphalt shingles are affordable and offer plenty of variety in terms of visuals. Clay shingles are known for being energy-efficient, and they suit properties in areas with extreme weather. Look for roofing companies that offer metal options if you’re focused on durability. Meanwhile, slate tiles arguably provide the best combination of durability and aesthetics.

You can also use this opportunity to change the shape of your roof. Pitched roofs work well in areas with plenty of rain because they offer better drainage and protection against the elements. On the other hand, flat roofs give you additional space to use for gardening or entertaining. Pick the roof style that makes the most sense for your home and enjoy the benefits of implementing that change.

4. Basement Waterproofing

Not a lot of property owners think of basement waterproofing when coming up with home improvement projects. Regardless, it’s still a project that yields remarkable benefits. Basement waterproofing can stop water from seeping into your foundation and prevent many issues. That benefit is especially notable if you live in a flood-prone area.

You should also contact a waterproofing business to create a more useful basement. Currently, spending time in your basement may be an uncomfortable experience due to the presence of mold and moisture on the floor. Even for storage purposes, those aforementioned conditions can render your basement useless. Work with a mold remediation company to address those issues and turn your basement into a viable living space.

Basement waterproofing also has a positive impact on your day-to-day living situation. Your high electric bills may be related to your flooded basement. The water that consistently pools inside your basement may prevent your HVAC system from working efficiently. A waterproofing company can take care of that problem and resolve your energy-efficiency issues in the process.

Don’t forget the property value boost that basement waterproofing provides. According to Angi, waterproofing your basement can offer a return of 30%. That may not seem as impressive compared to the other returns highlighted in this article, but it remains solid. Pair that return with the other money-saving benefits of basement waterproofing, and it’s easy to see why this project is worth an investment.

Various waterproofing options are available to homeowners. You can rely on drains, gutters, and pumps to keep water out of your basement. Crack sealing and soil gradation also work well for waterproofing. Choose the option that suits your property after consulting a home improvement specialist.

5. Attic Conversion

Now that you’ve pondered the possibility of transforming your basement, we should also discuss what you can do with an unused attic. Attics are underutilized in many households, and that’s a shame because they offer a lot of interesting features. For instance, you can take advantage of the attic’s position to make spectacular views available inside your home. Because they are often built into secluded spots, attics can also be easily converted into bedrooms.

Let’s not forget the value-based benefit of attic conversion. According to Bob Vila, property owners can expect to recoup a 56% return on this home improvement project. You can also attract more buyers after converting your attic. Buyers looking for plenty of living space may prioritize your property because it comes with an additional room.

Before going full steam ahead with your attic conversion plans, you should first check if that project is feasible. Confirm that your attic is big enough to become a new bedroom. After that, explore the area around the attic to see if access could be a potential issue. You should also check if electrical outlets can be added to your attic.

Attic conversions can be quite complex. Partnering with a contractor early in the process is highly recommended if you’re planning to execute that project. They can help ensure that the converted attic is safe to use.

Hiring a contractor is also a must because your attic conversion may require permits. Generally speaking, attic conversion projects require permits if they involve structural changes, electrical work, or ventilation additions. Securing the necessary permits is easier if you’re working with a contractor.

6. Entry Door Replacement

Your front door leaves a strong impression on anyone visiting your property. It’s likely the first element of your home that people notice, and they may make snap judgments about your property based on that. Despite how important entry doors are, more than a few homeowners neglect them.

The impact of your entry door on your exterior design cannot be overstated. Failing to select the right entry door for your home may lead to a lack of cohesion. Elements of your exterior décor may clash with your home instead of creating beautiful synergy.

Replacing your entry door is also necessary if it’s in poor condition. An entry door in that state may compromise your home security. That same front door may adversely affect your home’s energy efficiency. It may struggle to regulate temperature and facilitate unwanted heat transfer instead.

According to Renofi, installing a new entry door made out of steel yields an ROI of 100.9%. Replacing your old front door with something made out of steel is easily among the most profitable home improvement projects. Of course, you don’t have to choose a steel front door. Other material options also present inherent advantages.

Traditional wooden doors enhance curb appeal and mesh well with natural landscape elements. Wrought iron doors are expensive, but the durability they provide is second to none. Fiberglass front doors are practical fixtures that hold up well in various weather conditions.

Aside from material, you should also choose a specific door style. Do you want a standard door, a French door, a rolling door, or another option we haven’t mentioned yet? Explore your options and select the one you like most.

7. Window Replacement

Finally, let’s discuss why window replacement is another home improvement project well worth the cost. You should look into replacing your windows for various reasons, but the most significant benefit of that project is improving your home’s efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of an average household’s heating and cooling expenses. Installing energy-efficient windows can immediately reduce your monthly electric bills.

On top of that, energy-efficient windows are known to boost property value. According to Realtor.com, the average return on energy-efficient windows is 70%. Combine that ROI with the quality-of-life enhancements new windows provide, and it’s hard to argue against replacing your old fixtures.

Prioritize energy efficiency when shopping for new windows. Thankfully, that’s easy enough to do because you can reference Energy Star labels. Multi-pane windows also perform better from an efficiency standpoint.

You must also decide on the material composition of your new windows. Wood is again the classic option, but it does require diligent maintenance. If you cannot devote plenty of time to window maintenance, the fiberglass and vinyl options may work better inside your household. Aluminum windows feature impressive durability but tend to struggle more with temperature regulation.

Investing in your home is always worth it. Your investment will pay off even more if you proceed with the home improvement projects detailed in this article. Contact us today, and let’s get the ball rolling on your projects!

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