Just Moved to South Carolina? Heres Some Home Improvement Tips!

Moving to a new state can be exciting. Especially one as beautiful as South Carolina. Whether you enjoy fishing historical trips to Charleston or getting any taste of history, South Carolina has many treats for new residents. Just make sure that you handle your home improvement features so that you can make your southern home as comfortable as possible. Use this tip as a guide for ways to enhance your space.

Hire an Interior Designer

So you bought your dream home in South Carolina, but maybe you don’t have a flair for design. If so, you should hire an interior designer to help you. Remember, interior designers have training in creating unique designs for home spaces. You can have them focus on a particular room, like your master bedroom or kitchen, or let them take charge of the entire house. The advantage of hiring these pros is they act as a project manager for your overall home renovation. Many interior designers have added so much beauty to new homes in South Carolina. From color palettes to sourcing the best materials, these professionals can ensure your southern home has the qualities and style that speak to you. Because they act as a designer project manager, they’re in charge of dealing with all the subcontractors needed to bring your home dreams to life. Therefore, you don’t have to go crazy and stress yourself out keeping up with plumbers, electricians stonecutters, patio builders, and anyone else needed to bring your interior dreams to fruition.

Schedule Roofers

You can’t have home improvement in your house in South Carolina without a quality roof. There are local roofers specializing in a variety of materials. The average American roofer can work with asphalt shingles, as it’s the most popular roofing material in the country. Your asphalt shingle roof can last 20 to 25 years, but metal can last much longer. According to Bob Vila, a metal roof on your South Carolina home can last from 40 to 70 years and requires low maintenance. Therefore, if you plan on living in South Carolina for the rest of your days or at least several decades, a metal roof can provide the protection you need. Your metal roof in many cases can outlive you. Another reason why metal roofing is so popular is because of its energy efficiency. South Carolina can get hot and humid throughout the year, but a metal roof is effective at keeping your home cooler. Because it can insulate your home and reflect heat, you use your HVAC system less, save money, and reduce your carbon impact. Not to mention, a metal roof can look pretty on any home, as metal is a beautiful material, whether it’s copper, tin, aluminum, or steel.

Design a Custom Garage Door

Don’t negate the importance of your garage function and how it adds to your curb appeal. If your existing garage door is making too much noise, it can be a distraction to anyone sleeping in your home or neighbors nearby. Make sure your garage door lines up properly on its tracks and doesn’t make excessive noise when it opens and closes. Even if your garage door is functioning well it may be time for a new garage door installation if you want to make the style stand out and match your other home renovation. The garage door can consist of metal, semi-transparent fiberglass, wood, and more. Create a custom garage door that speaks to your personality and new design theme. For example, you may want a rustic wooden garage door that fits a farmhouse theme. You may want a more modernist feel in your home and prefer a minimal but sleek transparent garage door that consists of fiberglass. Plus, a fiberglass door allows you to show off any beautiful cars you have.

Choose New Appliances

If you plan on cooking in your South Carolina home and washing clothes, you’ll need the best appliances available. From Energy Star to Miele, Your home improvement redesign should involve finding the best appliances from the best brands to make your home easier. Plus, when you find the best appliances, they’re less likely to need constant repairs. However, if you have Miele appliances, you can always call a Miele authorized repair professionals who specialize in the items. Appliances from this brand are known for lasting up to 20 years and being extremely energy efficient. They’re also recognized for beautiful craftsmanship and clean design lines that accentuate any new southern home. The Energy Star brand has been making a lot of headway because of its energy efficiency and savings. For example, your appliances from Energy Star, such as your HVAC system, can save as much as 15% on your energy bills. Therefore, when you choose these brands, enjoy beautiful modern designs and lower energy bills.

Add Safety Features

<p>When you’re focusing on home improvement, don’t forget that safety should be a priority. If you plan on using a gun for protection, always have a reliable gun safe. After all, you don’t want your protective weapon to get into the wrong hands and cause a fatality. Find a gun safe specialist in the area who can install one in your home before you fully move in.</p>

Also, protect yourself with quality fencing. A good fence can be a major deterrent to potential intruders, especially if it’s as high as possible. You can legally build a fence about 7 feet high. A fence can consist of different materials like wood, vinyl, chain-link, or metal. Wooden fences are still the most popular type among American homeowners due to their sustainability, beauty, and customization. Plus, a wooden fence can last for about 20 years with good maintenance. You can always paint it, refinish it, and stain it to keep it looking good. A vinyl roof can withstand weathering and the effects of hungry insects. It can last even longer than a wooden one, but mimic the appearance of wood. If you are a fan of the durability and beauty of metal, you may want to invest in an aluminum or a cast iron gate. A customized iron gate and railing can add a feeling of luxury and elegance to your South Carolina home. Plus, iron can last several decades, as it can easily withstand issues from weathering and is impenetrable from insects. Adding the installation of an iron fence to your home, improvement list may also add value to your property based on the beauty alone.

Create a Bathroom Oasis

A functioning bathroom is a must in any home, which is why it’s always on any home improvement list. However, when you’re customizing your South Carolina abode, you can create a bathroom oasis that may be worthy of a Pinterest photo. After all, your bathroom provides the necessary functionality so you can relieve yourself and relax as much as you need it. If your existing home comes with a combination bath and shower, you should have it separated, so you can bath and shower separately. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a deeper tub for a good soak. Create a customized shower that can add tiles down to the floor. You can have a newly installed tiled wall that has built-in shelving, which adds to your bathroom storage.

Call your local plumbing service so they can install fixtures that are more eco-conscious. After all, water is a natural resource in which Americans waste billions of gallons every year, according to the EPA. Make your South Carolina home as water-efficient as possible with the installation of dual-flush toilets, rainfall showers, water softening systems, and piping replacements.

Smooth Out the Pavement

Your home improvement can start right out front next to your fences. Your pavement will be one of the first things people see when they approach your new South Carolina house. The last thing you want is broken cement or faded asphalt paving. Smooth out your pavement so you don’t have to worry about trips, falls, or flat tires while trying to drive to the garage. Poor-looking pavement takes away from an otherwise beautiful home, and can also violate HOA compliance if you live in such a neighborhood. You can call a local paving contractor service that specializes in asphalt cement or both. Let them work their magic to handle any drainage issues that may have caused previous damage. From there they can either completely re-pave that whole space or fill in cracks and potholes and further sealant to protect it for years to come.

Enhance the Kitchen

It’s impossible to have a serious conversation about home improvement well, including the kitchen. The kitchen is the top choice for home improvement projects among American homeowners. It’s no shock as a kitchen provides so much functionality and is often the heart of any home. After all, it’s where you gather together with family and friends to eat, talk, laugh, have parties, and so on. You store and cook your food here and it may sometimes double as a space for children to do their homework, or for a remote worker to sit with their laptop and get their own work done. The right kitchen can breathe a new life into a home, and serve as the inspiration for renovation in the rest of the space.

Many homeowners start with a new countertop material. If you love the durability of natural stone, granite is often a top choice. Many homeowners are also inspired by marble or engineered stone like quartz. You may want a more rustic feel that incorporates wooden chopping blocks or a more slick metal counter. Your countertop can also run into your backsplash or play double duty on a double island. The right countertop material, such as granite can last 20 years with proper maintenance, such as sealing. It’s one of the top features people look for in a home, so making the right kitchen upgrade can add value to your home and make it more attractive during a sale.

Get Funding

As you engage in more home improvement features in your new home, you may want to figure out ways to get funding to do so. If you don’t have access to savings, check into equity home loans, payday loans, or a personal loan from your bank. Just remember a personal loan requires collateral, a payday loan needs to be paid back quickly with your next paycheck, and a home equity loan comes from your existing equity left you’ve paid down on your mortgage loan.

Add More Color

Last, but not least, don’t forget about the power of color. Hire a painting contractor who can enhance your South Carolina house inside and out. Your exterior paint is one of the first things people see and can make your home stand out on the block or blend in with others. Your interior paint may provide more freedom to show off your personality. A professional painting contractor understands the power of color theory and can create the mood you wish to set. If you want to create a more relaxing zone, expect to see lavenders and blues. If you need a space with more excitement and vibrancy, they’ll likely incorporate oranges, yellows, and neon colors. When designing a home office space, the painter will likely use a color like gray or navy blue, which can help with concentration and focus.

As you can see, you have many options when it comes to improving your new southern home. South Carolina can be a beautiful state to live in and your enjoyment should start from the comfort of your home. With the right improvement tips, you can improve your kitchens, bathrooms, and landscapes and add the right color that showcases your personality and mood. Not only with your home improvement features make your homework comfortable, but it can make your home more attractive if you sell it in the future. At the very least, you’ll be able to build up its value, which adds to your personal net worth. Good luck in building a custom, South Carolina, home that you and your family can enjoy.

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