Metal Raised Garden Beds for Hot Climates

Gardening enthusiasts in hot climates often face the challenge of choosing the right materials for their raised garden beds. The scorching sun can take a toll on planters, affecting both the plants and the longevity of the beds. In this quest for durability and suitability, metal raised garden beds emerge as a compelling choice.

Understanding the Uniqueness: Ali Zinc Magnesium Coated Steel

One key consideration when selecting raised garden beds for hot climates is the material used in their construction. In a recent YouTube video by Garden in Minutes, the suitability of metal raised garden beds for hot climates is explored.

Video Source

The video emphasizes the unique construction of their beds, using Ali zinc magnesium coated steel.

The Ali zinc magnesium coating offers a distinct advantage in hot climates, providing lower reflectivity compared to traditional galvanized steel. This quality sets these metal garden beds apart from plastic and even certain wood materials. The video is a testament to the meticulous design and attention to detail that goes into creating raised garden beds that can withstand the intense heat.

Real-world Testing: Heat Gun Experiment

To substantiate the claims about the heat resistance of their metal raised garden beds, the video demonstrates a real-world experiment. The speaker employs a heat gun to measure the temperatures of various garden bed materials, including pine, cedar, and the metal raised garden beds from Garden in Minutes.

After two hours under the relentless Florida sun, the results are telling. The pine registers a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit, the cedar at 109 degrees, and the Garden in Minutes metal raised garden bed at a comfortable 99.6 degrees. This temperature difference highlights the efficacy of the Ali zinc magnesium coated steel in maintaining lower temperatures, a crucial factor for the well-being of plants in hot climates.

Soil Temperature: The Core of the Matter

While the external temperatures are crucial, the real test lies in the soil temperature inside the raised garden beds. Digging down next to a thriving tomato plant, the video reveals a soil temperature of 92.6 degrees Fahrenheit inside the metal bed. This is a commendable result considering the external temperature is 92 degrees, showcasing the ability of these metal raised garden beds to create a conducive environment for plant growth even in challenging climates.

Garden in Minutes: A Trusted Choice for Hot Climates

The video concludes by reinforcing the idea that Garden in Minutes provides a comprehensive solution for gardening in hot climates. From their metal raised garden beds to the garden grid watering system, the emphasis is on well-designed, quality gardening products built to last. The co-founder’s mention of being warm-blooded adds a touch of humor and personal assurance, creating a connection with viewers.

In conclusion, the journey to find the perfect raised garden beds for hot climates leads us to the innovative use of Ali zinc magnesium coated steel by Garden in Minutes. The real-world testing and the focus on soil temperature demonstrate the practicality and efficiency of these metal beds. For gardening enthusiasts seeking a durable and heat-resistant solution, metal raised garden beds from Garden in Minutes emerge as a compelling choice, offering both functionality and longevity for a thriving garden.


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