How to Spruce Up Your Home with Vintage Halloween Decorations

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Homeowners make their houses spooky or a little more fun by decorating their rooms and living spaces during Halloween. These people are not hesitant to spend their hard-earned money on Halloween décor and candy. 

A survey from the National Retail Federation revealed that shoppers spend an average of $86.27, which works out to $8.8 billion in total spending. 

This 2021, Halloween celebrators are looking for blasts from the past. They specifically want to spruce up their home with vintage Halloween decorations. 

You heard that right. Retro is in for Halloween.

Why is Vintage Halloween Decorations Trending?

Vintage Halloween décor is trending for a couple of reasons. The first is nostalgia. After the last few of unrest in different parts of the globe, nostalgia is a comforting emotion that brings people together. Seeing the younger folks enjoying vintage Halloween décor or movies that you liked when you were a kid is a great feeling.

Another possible reason is the overkill of the fast fashion market. Fast fashion, by definition, is a marketing, manufacturing and design method centered on quickly producing high volumes of clothing. This type of fashion is a huge problem, as the pressure to speed up production time and bring down costs means that businesses are cutting environmental corners in the name of profit. 

People have expressed dislike over the fast fashion market. This has left people wanting something unique and a little more sustainable — and vintage Halloween decorations happen to be the answer they are looking for.

Where to Buy Vintage Halloween Decorations

You can find vintage Halloween art, retro Halloween wall décor and other decorative items in so many places. You could start your search online. Websites, such as eBay and Amazon, are great places to start.

When you shop at online or e-commerce stores, you may come across newer items that owners have given a “retro” look. After all, some new Halloween decorations have had a vintage vibe to them. 

A few examples of newer seasonal décor with a retro feel are the following:

  • Products Decoupaged with Vintage Halloween Artwork
  • Velvet Pumpkins
  • Textural Gourds in Colors Other Than Orange
  • Mercury Glass Pumpkins

You also have the option to check out thrift stores, garage sales and vintage shops that specialize in certain collectibles. If you’re looking to snag old-school decorations this Halloween, seek out stores that offer handmade or vintage products. A few shops you could check out are Marye-Kelley Decoupage, Two’s Company, Chairish and Etsy. 

Another suggestion is to visit antique stores and antique marketplaces. You’ll almost always have a wealth of potential finds. Changing the focus to the nostalgic and spooky Halloweens of bygone eras gives more leeway in what shoppers are purchasing. Stuffed owls, brass items with eyes, glass gourds or pumpkins and ceramic pumpkins are all ripe for eerie but vintage Halloween displays. 

Pro-tip: potentially bump up your luck in finding and scoring vintage Halloween decors when you begin your search early. 

What Vintage Halloween Decorations Should You Buy?

Households have so many choices. They could, for instance, purchase vintage Halloween masks and hang them on scary Halloween wallpaper. 

Given a wide range of options, what should you purchase for your home? 

Here are a few ideas that will help you pull off a vintage Halloween theme:

Mini Lanterns

Candelabras dipping with melted candles might be vintage but they need constant attention. Instead of these products, opt for old-fashioned lanterns that come with flickering LED candles. Use these lanterns to line a walkway for cute trick or treaters or cast a creepy glow over your Halloween dinner party table.  

Halloween Music Box

You can find this item on Amazon and in other antique stores. Rotate the handle on this vintage gadget and you will hear a spooky tune that will surely cast a spell over your next Halloween event.  

Black Cat Figurines

Black cats, which symbolize bad luck, are nowhere new to the Halloween scene. You can add these figurines to the entrance of your home, the living room or at the dining table. 

Pumpkin Pokes

Person decorating pumpkins and candles
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Some pumpkin pokes are cute and simple. Others, however, are creepy, old-fashioned and awesome.

Vintage pumpkin pokes can take guests to the olden days when Halloween ornaments and costumes were a lot less complicated. You can use these pokes as intended — or stab your Halloween pumpkin with them. 

You also have the option to add them to other autumn decorations in a vase, jar or centerpiece bowl. Whatever you go with, these vintage pumpkin pokes will surely bring a dash of good ol’ creepiness to the table. 

Corn Décor

Before Halloween became what it is today, this event used to celebrate a bountiful harvest. 

Although the event later took a turn for the creepier, harvest-related elements stuck around. Corn and cornhusks commonly appeared in both staged Halloween photographs and costume elements. 

You can add dried corn (or faux corn, if the real one isn’t available) to your other vintage Halloween decorations. You could also use this décor to create a festive autumn-themed table centerpiece. 

Crystal Ball

White crystal balls on person's hands
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

Using crystal balls to tell the future is a practice that’s as old as time. Many associate this ball with witches, ghosts, magic and fortunetellers looking to make a quick buck. You can find vintage Halloween postcards and photos that feature a crystal ball. 

If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your next Halloween event, getting a crystal ball is a great starting point.

Bonus Guide: How to Make Vintage Halloween Pumpkin

You don’t need to buy a real pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. You can make vintage Halloween pumpkin using paper mache pumpkin and a few other materials. 

Using a clean, dry and artificial pumpkin, apply painter’s tape horizontally around the equator of the pumpkin. You don’t necessarily need the tape to be centered or level. A little unevenness or quirkiness wouldn’t hurt.

Then, paint a thin stripe below and above the painter’s tape using a liner brush. Take out the tape and allow the paint to dry.

Next, add creepy lettering to your pumpkin. You could design text using a basic word processor, then print it out. Cut out the text and paste it onto your pumpkin.

Last comes the finishing touches. Decorate your vintage pumpkin however you want. 

This coming Halloween, ditch the modern décor. Opt for vintage and let the spooky nostalgia set in your home. 

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